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How Do Valeo Memory Care Programs Benefit Your Parent with Dementia?

Finding the best care for a parent with dementia is a challenge. You want a location that’s safe, attentive and respectful of your parent’s legacy. While many memory care communities have the experience needed to care for people with dementia, not all of them put the focus on joy and living an exceptional lifestyle that most children want for their parents.

To live an exceptional life, those with dementia need more than just basic care and help with daily tasks. They need enrichment programs that bring joy into their lives on a daily basis. Valeo memory care programs are designed to do just that.

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What is Valeo Memory Care?

Valeo memory care is an innovative care program created specifically for those with memory impairments, especially those with various forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Its goal is to foster every individual’s social, physical, intellectual and spiritual well-being.

The term “valeo” means “to thrive,” and Valeo memory care helps those with memory impairments thrive by nurturing a sense of community, purpose and meaning in their lives. If your parent were to join a Valeo memory care community, trained professionals would assess your parent’s interests and abilities, building a customized care program that takes advantage of their strengths and provides support to maximize joy.

Benefits of Valeo Memory Care

It’s never easy to see a parent dealing with dementia. Most children seeking support for their parents are concerned about how to care for them. And, if they seek professional support, they often wonder about security, care standards and quality of life.

Valeo memory care programs are designed to ease your concerns and provide the highest level of support to your parent. Valeo is committed to preserving safety, comfort, privacy and social connections through stimulating daily programs, medication management and whole-person wellness support. Valeo benefits include:

  1. On-site physicians – many Valeo memory care neighborhoods are also near hospitals to provide advanced care options. For example, The Villages of Windcrest’s memory care neighborhood is located only a half-mile from Hill Country Memorial Hospital, ensuring timely medical assistance when needed.
  2. A licensed care team – the Valeo professionals that will work with your parent are specifically trained to work with adults who struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, other forms of dementia and impaired cognition and memory, giving your parent the best holistic care possible.
    3. Customized one-on-one and group programs – Valeo supports nurturing relationships and connections to help keep your parent joyful and physically active.
  3. Improved Security through state-of-the-art amenities – security is a significant concern for those with memory impairments. It’s easy for people to get lost or confused, so Valeo facilities provide security and comfort for your parent.
  4. Holistic wellness – wellness is about more than just the physical body or the mind. Valeo uses the evidence-based Salus Wellness philosophy and the Four Components of Wellness to create a holistic approach that provides more well-rounded benefits for those with dementia. Recent studies have shown that some of the positive results of holistic care centered around individual needs include improved overall quality of life, better sleep, reduced agitation and improved self-esteem.

Valeo Wellness Philosophy: The Four Components of Wellness

The best way to care for a parent with dementia is to support not only their brain, but their physical body, need for social connections and spiritual well-being. Valeo memory care incorporates each area through the Four Components of Wellness:

1. Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is achieved through proper nutrition and engagement in daily activities of self-care. It uses consistent routines, schedules and structured programming to reduce the stress that many people with dementia feel when their routines are broken, providing a sense of safety and security. Physical wellness is enhanced through daily activity, physical therapy and abundant opportunities to walk in nature, play with a pet or participate in group activities. Emotional wellness is incorporated into all programming, reducing depression and helping to maintain a sense of identity and connection with positive memories from the past.

2. Social Wellness

Social wellness is crucial to memory care. We help nurture new and existing relationships with both people and pets in customized one-on-one and group activities that provide positive and fun social interactions, building relationships and growing connections. With Valeo memory care, your parent will be in a safe, hands-on environment that uses games and stories to help them connect.

Relationship-based care and individualized programs that provide meaningful connections with others can help your parent maintain their sense of self when living with dementia. At The Villages of Windcrest, your parent will experience a sense of community in a social environment of value and respect.

3. Intellectual Wellness

To nurture intellectual wellness, we use creative, invigorating exercises to re-ignite memories. These exercises preserve cognition by keeping the mind stimulated with custom activities designed specifically for your parent.

Exercises can be tailored to your parent’s strengths and ability level, providing enough of a challenge to be engaging but not frustrating.

4. Spiritual Wellness

Spirituality is different for every person, but whatever beliefs your parent aligns with, that connection is crucial. We dedicate time to helping every individual connect with their personal beliefs. Family, friends and spiritual leaders are always welcome to help foster those connections and make practices more meaningful.

Valeo Signature Programs

Another aspect of memory care designed to give your parent the best experience possible, Valeo Signature Programs honor your parent’s life, legacy and passions while increasing physical and social engagement and awareness. They create meaningful connections with people and pets and help achieve life-enhancing goals and milestones.

Since each person is unique, we adapt our programs to your parent’s passions, interests and abilities. Our goal is simple: to create joy. Your parent will experience increased joy and purpose in everyday living. Below are five Valeo Signature Programs and how each can help your parent live a joyful, engaging life:

Create and Compose

Research has shown that the combination of art and music provides therapeutic benefits for people with memory impairments. They can even improve cognitive function, assisting the brain in compensating for changes in function associated with memory loss by helping people communicate or access old memories.

Create and Compose combines art and music in a fun and engaging program that includes painting, drawing and sculpture while residents listen to and play music. Intellectual, social and physical wellness is enhanced. The Alzheimer’s Association recommends music and art to help people relax, reduce anxiety, experience positive socialization and develop a stronger sense of identity. Even in the late stages of Alzheimer’s, singing a song from childhood can be a way to connect, even after verbal communication has declined.

Legacy Kit

With Legacy Kit, residents and their families create a treasure chest of familiar and meaningful items that bring a sense of joy, belonging and identity. Legacy Kit activities help your parent manage the onset of memory loss and reduce depression by affirming the positive things he or she has experienced in the past.

Sharing and celebrating life stories is a key element of Legacy Kit, providing a deep sense of connection with family, friends and staff. Through regular interaction with the personal items in the kit, your parent can connect to pleasant life experiences, interests and important people and events.

Additionally, creating a treasure chest with items from the past helps to preserve positive memories for a person with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia while creating special memories in the present that can improve quality of life. After memories fade, interacting with the treasure chest shows that you value and respect their legacy.

Creature Comforts

Research shows that bonding with animals can lead to health improvements in patients with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, including lowering blood pressure and rates of heart disease as well as reducing stress, anxiety and depression. One study that looked at animal therapy for older adults with dementia at an Alzheimer’s special care unit concluded that interacting with pets helped to decrease anxiety and depression and increase a sense of comfort and well-being.

Creature Comforts is a pet program that brings gentle animals into the community to interact with residents, whether they are dogs, cats, fish, birds, amphibians or reptiles. Who hasn’t found comfort in cuddling with their warm, cozy pet? At The Villages of Windcrest, we love our gentle animals and how they help residents.


We all know that routines are important for providing daily structure and a sense of purpose, and this is especially true for folks with memory impairments. VITA! turns your parent’s everyday routines into meaningful, deliberate and pleasant activities while improving their physical and cognitive functioning.

Led by the community’s wellness team, VITA! programs use stimulating games and activities such as trivia, brain teasers, singing, exercise and meaningful conversations to turn daily tasks into fun experiences. VITA! helps increase your parent’s positive moods, enhances quality of life and provides a sense of calm and purpose through mindful engagement with the basic tasks of the day.

Travel Times

Travel Times help people relax, get away and renew the soul. New ways of seeing the world are facilitated with appropriate and meaningful travel experiences, whether it be physical travel to nearby locations or a mental escape from the day-to-day. Intellectual stimulation is combined with physical and social activity to increase your parent’s joy in living.

Lifestyle and Amenities at The Villages of Windcrest

Aging successfully requires a living environment that supports a person’s goals and sense of purpose and meaning. At The Villages of Windcrest, flexible living options, state-of-the-art amenities and supportive services ensure your parent’s well-being and comfort. Life is made easier and more enjoyable for your parent while giving them everything they need to feel safe, active and connected.

Our staff is experienced in dementia care as well, providing services and amenities that help those with dementia live safe, joyful lives. We offer:

  • 24/7 health monitoring to ensure physical and emotional health and well-being
  • 24-hour security to keep your parent safe and secure
  • Assistance with the activities of daily living so that your parent can enjoy life without worrying about their abilities
  • Customized, one-on-one programs like those above offering meaningful social interaction and engagement to ensure physical, social and intellectual progress
  • Chef-prepared entrées and several dining options to keep your parent eating well and enjoying food, contributing to their overall health
  • Weekly housekeeping, personal laundry and linen service so your parent feels clean and organized
  • Social, educational and spiritual programs and events to stimulate mind, body and spirit

The Villages of Windcrest also features ample exercise and recreational amenities, including a fitness center, event center, theater, library, business center, salon, spa, lounges and game parlors. There’s even a dog park along with beautiful grounds with open-air patios and courtyards to connect your parent with the beauty of the great outdoors.

Our Core Values and Mission

The memory care community at The Villages of Windcrest incorporates our core values into every enrichment program and amenity. We believe in building relationships and celebrating each individual’s strengths through integrity and transparency to create joyful lives. Our programs are built on research and 175 years of combined experience in creating and leading successful living communities for older adults across the country. Our goal is to honor your parent’s legacy and provide them with the people and things that bring meaning into their lives.

Located in Fredericksburg, Texas, near San Antonio and Austin, The Villages of Windcrest is an extraordinary supportive living community that offers an innovative memory care program based on the latest research and best practices. Valeo memory care is known throughout the country for its exceptional individualized care, innovative enrichment programs, holistic wellness philosophy and its pursuit of exceptional lives for every resident. Call us today to learn more about the lifestyle we build for people living with dementia and see if this would be a good fit for your parent.