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Senior Tips

Six Scams Targeting Seniors You Should Be Aware Of

There are many scams targeting seniors, most of which try to trap adults with nest eggs and play on their natural trust and fears. While scams take many forms, some of the most prominent types reported to the US Senate Special Committee on Aging are: Social Security impersonation scams IRS impersonation scams Sweepstakes …
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10 Holiday Eating Tips for Seniors

Most people eat a bit too much over the holidays. While enjoying food is a big part of the holidays, it’s important for seniors to make a few key decisions about what they eat and how much they eat to ensure they stay healthy and are in top shape to enjoy the festivities. …
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7 Activities that are Good for Your Brain

In a recent study and many others like it, researchers show that individuals who practice healthy lifestyle behaviors can significantly reduce their risk of cognitive impairment and dementia, as well as reducing their likelihood of developing many other chronic conditions. In this 2013 published study, more than two thousand men aged 45-59 years …
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