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Valeo™ Memory Care

Honoring your legacy with dedicated memory care.

The comfortable and private suites with private bathrooms in our secure Valeo memory care neighborhood in Fredericksburg, TX provide each resident with a caring community focused on safely maximizing person’s abilities and well-being.

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What is Memory Care?
Memory Care Services
Cost of Memory Care
The Villages’ Approach to Memory Care: Valeo
When is it Time for Memory Care?
How to Talk to a Parent About Memory Care?
What Memory Care Programs are Available?
Things to Consider when Choosing a Memory Care Community
Fredericksburg Memory Care FAQs

What is Memory Care?

People with memory impairments such as Alzheimer’s and dementia have unique care needs. In addition to providing a safe and structured community, residents will receive meals and assistance with personal care tasks, specialized support and programs designed to help them thrive.

Memory Care Services in Fredericksburg, TX

Here are the services included in your all-inclusive Monthly Fee:

  • Three chef-prepared entrées
  • Weekly housekeeping, personal laundry, and linen service
  • Assistance with actions of daily living
  • 24-hour health monitoring
  • Personalized wellness programs
  • Social, educational and spiritual programs and events
  • Concierge services
  • 24-hour security


The Valeo wellness philosophy is holistic and is built on the four dimensions of wellness:

senior wellness program Fredericksburg Texas

  1. Physical: Engaging in self-care through both activity and proper nutrition
  2. Social: Strengthening and developing existing and new relationships — both with people and pets
  3. Intellectual: Performing creative, stimulating exercises to re-ignite memories and preserve cognition
  4. Spiritual: Reserving time to connect with one’s personal beliefs


Our senior living community is different than other traditional skilled nursing and memory care homes in Fredericksburg, Texas. Contact us to schedule a visit.

With a focus on holistic wellness, the Villages of Windcrest offers engaging programs for older adults designed to ensure that community residents live their lives to the fullest.

Cost of Memory Care in Fredericksburg, TX

The average cost of memory care in Texas is $4,699 per month, though pricing varies according to your exact location and the living services included in care. Luckily, you have options for memory care in Fredericksburg, TX. For example, our Valeo memory care program starts at $6,250 per month and is all-inclusive. Residents enjoy 24/7 health support, plus a suite of services such as meals, housekeeping, wellness programs and more.

The Villages’ Approach to Memory Care: Valeo

memory care program Fredericksburg Texas

Derived from the Latin meaning for “to thrive,” Valeo (va-LAY-oh) offers programming adapted specifically to help residents with memory impairments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease foster their social, intellectual, spiritual, and physical well-being under the guidance of on-site trained team members.

Valeo is integrated into every aspect of wellness and service at our Fredericksburg memory care community. Customized to the individual, Valeo allows memory care residents to thrive and have meaningful interactions through building relationships with others and participating in event programming.


Every person’s life experiences and needs are unique, so our senior living programs are created to benefit residents. We assess each resident’s interests and abilities, then build a personalized approach to create moments of joy. Each resident’s legacy and passions are honored through our Valeo Signature Programs, which increase awareness, cognition, and engagement; stimulate pleasant long-term memories, and provide joy and pleasure.

Learn more about our Valeo Director, Dr. Athena Maclean, by clicking here.

When is it Time for Memory Care?

While many can continue to live independently or with the help of a family member or caregiver during the early stages of dementia, there may come a time when more care is needed. When looking for signs it’s time for memory care, the Alzheimer’s Association recommends asking the following questions to guide you when assessing when a change is recommended:

  • Is your loved one becoming unsafe in their current living situation?
  • Is the health of either your loved one or their caregivers at risk?
  • Are your loved one’s care needs within the physical abilities of their caregivers?
  • Are you or other caregivers feeling stressed, irritable or impatient?
  • Is caring for your loved one interfering with other responsibilities, such as work or family?
  • Would your family member benefit from more structure and social engagement?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, a move to memory care might be in order. If you need to speak to someone regarding your questions, please contact our team member by completing our online form or calling (803) 266-0984.

How to Talk to a Parent About Memory Care?

Conversations about memory care can be difficult — both for older adults and the people who love them. If you’ve decided that it’s time to move to memory care, a conversation should take place.

An essential first step in these discussions is to meet with family members. If everyone isn’t on the same page, a doctor, care manager, or credible professional source can offer valuable insights. An open and honest discussion is critical. Older adults should feel like they’re part of the conversation and decision-making process.

In addition to having the right people, it’s essential to have the conversation at the right time and place. An in-person discussion is best — either at home or in another setting where everyone feels comfortable.

Above all else, try to put yourself in your parent’s shoes. They may be feeling many emotions, ranging from uncertainty and fear to sadness and possibly anger. Your empathy and understanding will go a long way toward easing their concerns.

Lastly, make sure to focus on the benefits of memory care. Senior living has changed immensely, and older adults may have outdated misconceptions about what’s involved. Educating them about the many types of communities and the features and programs they offer, can help them understand the benefits of moving into a memory care community.

What Memory Care Programs are Available?

Lifestyle amenities and personalized services at The Villages of Windcrest are designed to make your life easier and enjoyable.

With a convenient all-inclusive monthly fee, community residents gain access to a breadth and depth of services and amenities, including chef-prepared gourmet meals; weekly housekeeping with laundry and linen service; help with daily living activities; personalized wellness programs; social, educational and spiritual programming and events; concierge services; and 24-hour security.

Resource: How Do Valeo™ Memory Care Programs Benefit Your Parents with Dementia?

At The Villages of Windcrest, we acknowledge every individual’s unique interests, experiences and needs. Based on these factors, a customized approach is designed for each community resident intended to honor their legacy and passion while simultaneously cultivating moments of joy.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Memory Care Community

Some considerations to guide your decision-making process include:

  • Is the community conducive to the needs of people with memory impairments? In addition to cleanliness, circular hallways and clearly labeled rooms and doors can help residents stay oriented.
  • Are the team members welcoming, and do the residents appear happy?
  • Is there a monthly calendar of events and programs?
  • Are there any enclosed outdoor areas for walking or other time in nature?
  • What dementia-specific training do the team members have?
  • Are there on-site healthcare personnel?
  • Is the location convenient with access to family and places?

While visiting the community online, it’s recommended that an in-person visit is scheduled, which offers the best picture of what a community provides.

Fredericksburg, TX Memory Care Community

At the Villages of Windcrest, we take great pride in attending to the health and wellness of community residents, their quality of life, and overall a sense of well-being. We look forward to speaking with you about how we can support your loved one with our innovative and personalized programs. Contact us today.

Fredericksburg Memory Care FAQs

What is a memory care facility?

A memory care community provides specialized care for people living with memory and cognitive impairments, such as Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. There are standalone memory care communities, and there are ones integrated into other senior living communities. Often, assisted living and memory care neighborhoods are under one roof, even if they are in separate areas. An important note is that the use of the term “facility” has been deemed outdated among senior living professionals and care providers. It’s much more applicable and fitting to call this senior living option a community, due to the home-like environment with full wellness support that memory care services provide.

What are the most common memory care services?

These are common services that memory care communities provide to residents:

  • Medication management
  • In-depth assistance with ADLs and IADLs
  • 24-hour monitoring and team member support
  • Enriching resident programs
  • Personalized care plans
  • Emergency call buttons
  • Transportation services
  • Three daily meals plus snacks
  • Housekeeping and laundry

Some memory care communities may include outdoor secure courtyards, supervised outings, special events, and salon/barbershop services.

Does Medicare cover memory care facilities?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover room and board or custodial/personal care in a memory care community. Medicare Part A cannot apply to memory care communities, but Medicare Part B does cover qualified medical care while living in a memory care community. This medical care includes the costs for doctor visits, laboratory tests, medically necessary services, and some medications administered by nursing professionals. State-run Medicaid does provide coverage based on a percentage of room and board and custodial/personal care. Each state has specific guidelines for who qualifies and how much financial assistance they can receive. Some programs have caps on enrollment, which may result in waiting lists. Learn more at the Medicaid website.


Putting yourself in the shoes of someone living with Alzheimer’s, or other forms of dementia, is a great way to help you understand and communicate effectively with your family member or friend.

We understand that it is difficult to care for someone living with dementia without having walked in their shoes. The Virtual Dementia Tour lets caregivers personally experience the tough day-to-day challenges those with dementia face. The empathy and patience you will feel for people with dementia following this sensory simulation experience are immediate.

As part of the Valeo™ memory care programming, our team is certified to introduce caregivers to the Virtual Dementia Tour. To learn about when the next Virtual Dementia Tour will be offered here or to hear more about how residents here are thriving, call 830-856-2450 today.